People appreciate the purity of today’s politics! Shan Vijayalal is a clean leader! He is a symbol of purity! He decided for the country and joined the opposition leader! That’s a big deal for all of us! Professor G.L.VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

Professor G.L Pieris said that Mr Shan Vijayalal, Senior Vice President of SLFP, is a pure leader, and it is a great honour to join him with the Leader of the Opposition. Sri Lanka Latest News

“Member of Parliament Shan Vijayalal de Silva’s joining with Samagi Jana Force is a great strength for Samagi Jana Force. Shan Vijayalal de Silva had no problem with Podujana Peramuna. But he has made a huge decision for the country. His decision is a great strength for all of us. We are all united to carry forward the joint program of the opposition. Our goal is to create a comprehensive integrated program in 2024 together with the main political party of the opposition, the Samagi Janabalawegaya, to relieve the people of the country from the pressure they are under.”

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