Parliamentary Exposure Reveals Plot to Deny Nation’s Desired Presidential Election I Sri Lanka Latest News

Recent revelations in Parliament shed light on a purported scheme to delay this year’s presidential election in Sri Lanka. The disclosure emerged from a statement delivered by opposition figure Mr Lakshman Kiriella during parliamentary proceedings.

Mr. Kiriella underscored the absence of any mention of the upcoming presidential election in the President’s address, raising concerns about the intentions behind this omission. He alleged that there are discussions underway to potentially defer the election, alongside propositions circulating to dismantle the executive presidential system.

During his parliamentary address, Mr. Kiriella passionately questioned the disregard for democratic principles and transparency in the political discourse. He voiced apprehensions about clandestine efforts to leverage civil society to defer the election and pursue constitutional changes aimed at abolishing the executive presidency.

Meanwhile, former minister Mr Karu Jayasuriya recently urged unity in the endeavour to abolish the executive presidential system. However, the General Secretary of the Sahaba, Mr. Ranjith Maddumabandara, conveyed the party’s stance, indicating a willingness to consider curtailing executive powers after the upcoming presidential election, deeming it impractical to pursue immediate abolition.

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