Paddy Board scandal! The incumbent chairman refuses to resign. The Ministry Secretary contradicts Amarweera.

Even though a new chairman has been appointed for the Paddy Marketing Board, the former chairman is still not ready to resign, so the new chairman has not been able to report to work according to the internal sources of he paddy marketing board.

It is reported that the minister has removed the former chairman Mr. Neelda Alwis based on several allegations including failure to buy paddy from farmers, delaying investigations related to corruption and irregularities and accordingly Mr. Buddhika Madiheva has been appointed as the new chairman.

During an inquiry in this regard, the Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture MBR Pushpakumara and the Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera mentioned two conflicting opinions.

The secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture mentioned that Mr. Neelda Alvis was removed according to the general method of changing the chairpersons of all institutions after a new minister is appointed.

The Minister of Agriculture mentioned that Mr. Alwis resigned from his position, saying that there was no point in holding these positions anymore because the state banks were not giving proper support in the procurement of paddy.

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