Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa Urges Action Against Economic Offenders in Parliament VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

In a parliamentary session today, Opposition Leader Mr. Sajith Premadasa criticized the government’s inaction against economic wrongdoers, despite a clear Supreme Court decision naming former President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and others. Premadasa called for the establishment of a special presidential commission to investigate the alleged economic misconduct, emphasizing the urgency of legal action to recover lost funds and prevent future damage to the economy.

Premadasa highlighted various financial scandals, including the alleged $56 billion deposited in foreign banks, losses from a nano-fertilizer fraud, and irregularities in gas procurement. He questioned the government’s handling of these matters and underscored the need for accountability, suggesting that those responsible for the country’s financial woes should be removed from government positions.

Referring to a fundamental rights petition related to the Easter attack, Premadasa proposed that the judgment could pave the way for the 220 lakh people of the country to seek compensation from those identified as responsible for bankrupting the nation. He concluded by expressing the country’s anticipation for decisive action against economic offenders, rejecting the idea of burdening the people with compensation without holding those responsible accountable.

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