Opposition Leader Condemns Attempts to Undermine Presidential Election Under Pretext of Executive System Abolishment: “We Will Not Allow Destruction of Voting Rights and Mandate!” – Sri Lanka Latest News (Video & Photos)

In the past and today, on various occasions, executive presidential powers have been appointed as the main weapon to deprive citizens of their democratic rights, freedom, and right to do politics, so Samagi Jana Balabagaya as a party believes in changing the executive presidential system and revising the executive presidential system. The opposition leader said that it should. Sri Lanka Latest News

A few years ago, the Secretary General of Samagi Jana Balavegaya initiated a comprehensive program to amend the Constitution as a private member’s proposal and the party is still sticking to the same policy. The opposition leader said that it will not be allowed and the presidential and general elections to be held in 2024 must also take place.

The Samagi Jana Balawegaya will not allow it in 2024 if the current president says that it is not necessary to hold a presidential election and that by changing the existing system, the executive presidential system will be abolished, and if he obstructs the holding of the presidential election through his political influence by granting privileges to various parties and giving them space to implement their agendas Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition, said that by conducting the presidential election, a clear change can be made in the executive presidential system with that mandate and a new system with more democratic political freedom.

Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition, said this while participating in the 91st phase of the Sakwala Suhuru Classrooms Program to provide 10 lakh rupees worth of Suhuru Classroom equipment to Central Colombo St. Anna College.

We will not get caught by the political gangs of the President

If anyone thinks that the Samagi Jana Balawega will abolish the presidential system in the year of the presidential election and amend it, if they think that a president who is trying to extend his political life will be caught by political thugs, it is not so and the presidential election to be held this year must be held. Some parties fear the mandate. The opposition leader also emphasized that they will not allow things to be accomplished.

It is a good thing that the government is following the Samagi Jana Balavega and promoting social education

The leader of the opposition said here that it is good news that the Minister of Education has announced that the government will start a large number of friendly classrooms and that the government is happy to follow the Samagi Jana Balavegaya and participate in such a program.

Under the breath program implemented by the Samagi Jana Balawegaya, medicines and hospital equipment worth 1719 lakh rupees have been given to 56 hospitals, and 80 buses worth 50 lakh rupees have been given to 80 schools under the Sakwala bus program, for which 3892 lakh rupees have been given to Sakwala. Under the IT program, 91 schools have been provided with comfortable classroom equipment and 896 lakhs of rupees have been spent on it.

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