Opposition Leader Accuses Speaker of Constitutional Violation Amidst Controversy Over Police Chief Appointment I VIDEO & Photos I Sri Lanka Latest News

Amidst widespread media and societal discussions regarding the approval of the Inspector General of Police appointment, the opposition leader has accused the current Speaker of violating the Constitution and misleading the country. Sri Lanka Latest News reveals the unfolding controversy surrounding the appointment process.

The opposition leader highlighted discrepancies in the appointment procedure, emphasizing that the proposal was not initially on the day’s agenda. Furthermore, he criticized the Speaker’s handling of the vote, alleging a violation of constitutional principles.

Addressing concerns about the erosion of democracy, the opposition leader warned of potential consequences if the supreme law of the land is disregarded. He denounced attempts to undermine important initiatives, such as the ‘Sakwala’ and ‘Husma’ programs, which aim to bridge societal divides.

Termed “Busman” by detractors, the opposition leader defended his commitment to inclusive policies and denounced efforts to discredit vital programs benefiting the populace. He stressed the need for equitable access to education and opportunities, particularly for children in government schools.

Rejecting political theatrics, the opposition leader called for a focus on substantive issues, including revitalizing the economy and enhancing agricultural productivity. He underscored efforts to modernize the education system and support farmers with technical advancements.

As the Samagi Jana Balawegaya continues its initiatives, including healthcare provisions and educational enhancements, the opposition leader remains steadfast in his pursuit of a fair and prosperous future for Sri Lanka.

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