Online fraud of approximately 2 billion rupees deceived 10,000 people from diverse backgrounds. sophisticated online utilising WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

The Criminal Investigation Department has started an extensive investigation regarding a fraud of nearly two thousand rupees that has been done online by meticulously deceiving over ten thousand people from various walks of life.

A senior officer of the Criminal Investigation Department stated that the money has been defrauded for nearly two years by holding conferences in different parts of the island by saying that they will give money with interest rates ranging from 40% to 90%.

An investigating officer stated that over ten thousand people including principals, heads of security, lords, engineers, and doctors have been victims of these financial scams.

Due to the current financial crisis in the country, financial frauds on the internet have increased rapidly. An official of the Criminal Investigation Department said that some people have taken loans of lakhs of rupees from banks and given the money to online fraudsters to get more benefits. The Criminal Investigation Department also states that related frauds have been

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