Evidence not enough! Former DIG Nalaka Silva acquitted of former President Maitri-Gota assassination conspiracy case! Here is how the media including ‘Derana’ reported the Gota-Maitri assassination plot! VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

The Colombo Magistrate’s Court today (06) ordered the release of former DIG Nalaka Silva from the case filed in 2019 on charges related to a VIP assassination plot.Sri Lanka Latest News

The Attorney General informed the court today that there is insufficient evidence against Mr. Nalaka Silva.

These allegations were made by one Namal Kumara.

However, it is a special incident that the majority of the media at that time completely carried out their reporting in such a way that it was confirmed that the former DIG was involved in the VIP assassination plot.

How the Derana media reported the Gota-Maitri assassination plot!

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