Minister Tiran stated that he will not tolerate any form of violence as long as he is in office (VIDEO)

Wasantha Mudalige and Reverend Siri Dhamma were discovered to be terrorists among the Strugglers, claimed Mr. Tiran Alas, minister of public security, in the parliament today.

Mr. Tiran Ales claimed that the opposition leader spoke about Wasantha Mudalige and Rev. Siri Dhamma and mentioned that there are also terrorists among ordinary strugglers.
Wasantha Mudali and Reverend Siri Dhamma are not ordinary rebels, but terrorists, according to the findings of the investigations, claimed the Minister of Public Safety.

Normal combatants remained in contact with him until they were expelled from the Galle face and these individuals assumed over, according to Mr. Ales.
He stated that investigations are ongoing and that many more details will soon be revealed. Who finances these people, who paid their hotel bills, and many other prominent names will soon be revealed, according to Mr. Ales.
As long as I hold the ministry, I will do my tasks properly, and as the minister of public security, he warned that any police officers unable to fulfil their responsibilities can quit the force.
All problems are created by the Peratugami people, and they will receive heavy punishment, he added, stressing that this will never change for any reason.

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