Minister Ramesh Pathirana’s house was burgled and Rs 100 core robbed! How did he get that money?

The Galle Police have arrested three people who set fire to the home of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, Minister of Industry, Mr. Ramesh Pathirana, and looted Rs.100 core

Three youths residing in Unawatuna, Walahandua and Poddala Hapugala areas have been arrested.

One of the three suspects was arrested after an argument with his wife’s mother, according to information she gave to the police.

According to the information revealed during the interrogations after the arrest, the Galle Police has also recovered 55 lakh rupees from the looted money in the possession of the suspects.

It has been revealed in the investigations carried out by the police that they took one crore rupees from the cupboard of Mr. Ramesh Pathirana’s house and distributed 30 lakh rupees to two persons and 40 lakh rupees to the other person.

During further questioning of the suspects, they revealed that when they took money from the cupboard of Mr. Ramesh Pathirana’s house, there were many bundles of currency notes in it, and that the people who came to set fire to the house took the money.

However, it is reported that a number of serious problems have arisen for the teams conducting investigations regarding the theft of one crore rupees from the house of Minister Ramesh Pathirana.

The first is that the minister had previously complained to the police about the misplacement of the money.

The second question is whether the minister had reported in this regard in the forms given for payment of compensation.

And the next question is whether the minister has announced how he earned this amount.

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