Millionaire Tycoon Dhammika Perera, with 260 Sri Lankan Companies, Conducts Survey on Upcoming Presidential Election: Breakdown of Votes Revealed!

In this year’s presidential election, there are a total of 169 lakh registered voters, out of which 142 lakhs will cast their votes. Interestingly, 71 lakhs among them are still undecided.

The prominent millionaire businessman, Dhammika Perera, shared this information during a recent media interview. Perera, known for his extensive network of agents throughout the country, conducted a poll to unveil these statistics.

It’s worth noting that this is the latest opinion poll conducted by Perera concerning the election. Furthermore, he disclosed that the remaining 71 lakh votes are divided among three distinct groups. Additionally, Perera went on to predict which political party stands to gain the most votes based on his findings.

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