Majority of Official State Telephone Lines, 71%, Plagued by Dysfunction

A survey conducted by the University of Peradeniya has revealed that 71% of the official telephone lines assigned to State institutions are not functioning properly.

The relevant survey was conducted by a group of students from the University’s Department of Economics and Statistics, under the guidance of Prof. Wasantha Athukorala.

Accordingly, Prof. Athukorala revealed that as per the survey, only 29% of the official telephone lines introduced for the public to contact State institutions operate properly, while 49% of these lines do not operate at all and 22%, albeit being in operation, are not answered by anyone.

The survey pool included the official telephone lines assigned to Grama Niladhari officers, Samurdhi officers and Development Officers from Divisional Secretariats across the island. Accordingly, as per the data gathered from 98 of the 276 Pradeshiya Sabha Divisions that were surveyed, 14% of the telephone lines were not in operation, 42% were left unanswered and only 44% were answered. Similarly, of the 23 (out of 24) Municipal Council areas that were surveyed, it was revealed that 4% of the official lines were not in operation, while 44% were not answered.

Prof. Athukorala further stated however that even of the official lines that were answered, the responses given were rather vague, and barely of any use or relevance to the queries made.

He highlighted that although these official telephone lines are being introduced for the convenience of the public, it is in fact not the case when actually attempting to use them, and therefore urged that immediate measures be taken by the relevant institutions and authorities to resolve the matter.

Source: themorning

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