Lanza-Amaraweera get ready to hold a meeting in Mahinda’s village to teach Mahinda a lesson! I Sri Lanka Latest News

It is reported that the next rally in the series of rallies of the new alliance held by Messrs. Nimal Lanza-Mahinda Amaraweera in support of President Ranil Wickremesinghe is planned to be held in Hambantota Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Weerakatiya village.Sri Lanka Latest News

The first meeting was held at Jaaladi and the second meeting was held at Hyde Park, Colombo.

Accordingly, it is said that it has been decided to hold the third meeting in Weerakatiya, Hambantota.

The group led by Lanza and Amaraweera Mahinda is represented by the group that contested the Parliament and is currently supporting the President.

Mr Mahinda Amaraweera also came to parliament from Hambantota district

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