Kelani campus Students gave Dudley Sirisena a hard time when he came to deliver a lecture! The ‘Rice Mafia!’ Regardless of what the authorities said, students did not let him out of the vehicle! Dudley, who arrived in a BMW, had to return without getting out! Here is the video! VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

Mr Dudley Sirisena, a well-known rice businessman who came to deliver a lecture at Kalaniya University, had to face great difficulty due to strong opposition from the students.

In this regard, the note kept by the Students’ Union is as follows.

Today, Dudley Sirisena, a well-known Sri Lankan rice mafia, hosted a political show at Kelaniya University. Dudley Sirisena put people under pressure by hiding rice in warehouses on a large scale while people waited in rice queues during the COVID-19 epidemic. The rice mafia raised the price of rice by announcing it at press conferences. At the very least, the government had no control over them. Sri Lanka Latest News

It is these mafias who make the decisions of the elected governments in this country by joining hands with the politicians and providing funds. When there is a shortage of rice in 2022, enough rice stocks for the next 04 years were stored in the warehouses of these mafias. Regardless of the food needs of the people, most of this rice is used to produce beer.

Such mafias who think only about profit and do not care about people’s lives should not be allowed in the universities. Even at this moment, the price of rice has seriously increased due to the actions of the politicians as well as these mafias. Therefore, it is a very natural situation that there is a protest among the students to expel Dudley Sirisena from the university grounds. The mafia who are starving people should not be raised to the level of university lecturers except where they belong. It is a great insult to the university system of this country.

~ Student Union – Kelaniya University~

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