Kalutara Maths tutor who abused females students was apprehended today.

The private tutor who alleged to have abused and sexually harassed 16 female students in Kalutara area has been arrested this morning (11).

The concerned suspect was arrested when he came to the Kalutara Division Child and Women Abuse Prevention Bureau to give a statement.

The Kalutara Child and Women Abuse Prevention Bureau stated that 16 video recordings made while the suspect was sexually assaulting the girls were revealed and further investigations will be conducted to find the aggrieved girls by observing them.

Further investigations are being conducted as to whether the suspected teacher conducting private classes in Kalutara North Gallupara conducted classes in small groups in other places and abused the girls there as well.

It is reported that his legal wife has filed a complaint with the Kalutara North Police that the suspected teacher is having extramarital affairs, and when she checked the suspect’s laptop, it was observed that the video footage of girls being abused was stored and the parents were informed.

The reluctance to come forward is being noticed by aggrieved girls as well as their parents, and if such girls are concerned, the police request that they report to the Child and Women Abuse Prevention Bureau located near the Kalutara North Police.

According to the instructions of the Kalutara Senior Superintendent of Police, Mr. Kapila Premadasa, the investigation is being conducted under the supervision of Mrs. M. Disna Priyanthi, senior OIC of Child and Women Abuse Prevention Bureau.

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