Influenza A – B are on the rise; protect your children, Doctors!

Pediatrician Dr. Deepal Perera has requested the parents to pay close attention to the health condition of their children as it has been revealed from the children admitted to the Ridgeway Arya Children’s Hospital that both influenza A and B diseases are spreading these days.

Dr. Deepal Perera told ‘Mawrata’ that if cough, fever or cold lasts for more than three days, they should seek medical treatment and parents should avoid sending their children to day care centers if these symptoms persist.

He mentions that children under 2 years of age as well as those suffering from respiratory diseases and people over 65 years of age should get immediate treatment for this disease.
The doctor also points out that those who have these symptoms should be interested in wearing face masks.

Dr. Deepal Perera further said that since it has been revealed that there is discharge from the eyes with this disease, extensive investigations are being conducted on it.

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