Implement the recommendations of the Presidential Commission on Easter Attacks as soon as possible! Consider Cardinal’s petition, the Court of Appeal rules!

The Court of Appeal today ordered the consideration of the writ petition filed by His Holiness Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith asking the Attorney General to issue an order to implement the recommendations issued by the Presidential Commission appointed to investigate the Easter Sunday terror attack.

The order was given by the Appellate Court bench consisting of Messrs. Sobitha Rajakaruna and Dhammika Ganepola.

When this petition was called today, the court ordered the parties to file the related documents.

After that, after considering the facts presented by the Additional Solicitor General Priyantha Navana and the petitioner’s lawyers, who appeared on behalf of the Attorney General, the Court of Appeal ordered that the relevant petition be called on May 9th to confirm the facts.

The petitioner, His Holiness the Cardinal, claims that the Presidential Commission of Inquiry has issued recommendations to take action against a group of police officers for failing to prevent the Easter Sunday terror attack.

Pointing out that the recommendations have not been implemented, His Holiness the Cardinal has also requested in the petition to issue an order to the Attorney General to implement them.

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