I’m now “Bus Man”! I’m unmoved by insults! Thambuththegama Central receives 50th bus from opposition leader(VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Mr. Earl Gunasekara, a former minister, encouraged to start the project of providing buses to schools, and in looking for information in this regard, every year, and a large amount of money is collected from the children of each school for various transportation needs. The opposition leader said that the program of providing free buses to schools has been implemented and 50 buses have been provided so far, thus reducing the amount of money that parents have to spend on the extracurricular activities of school children.

Opposition leader Mr. Sajith Premadasa said this at a ceremony held today (27) at Tabuttegama College for the distribution of the 50th bus worth 50 lakh rupees to schools in Sri Lanka under the Sakwala programme.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that there are people who genuinely work and another lot show as working just only to show off. Even though there are some former students who are involved in politics and business in the schools, they do nothing for the development of their school and even though he is called ‘bus man’ for providing free buses, he does not mind the slanders and insults at all. The opposition leader said that there are two groups called people who take points and therefore, no matter how many people there, we are ready to stand with the working people and do something for the country at any time.

The opposition leader emphasized that instead of gathering tens of thousands of people from buses and holding meetings and putting up signs, he is ready to work on the ground and what our country needs at this time are working people and he is ready to rebuild the country with those people. The opposition leader said that the current government has named our country as a poor country with the approval of the cabinet and said that it is a joke and said that instead of strengthening education in our country, the rulers have worked to prepare prisons. But it should not be forgotten that when one school opened, several prisons can be closed.

Also, the people who destroyed the country are walking on the red carpet and some people are slandering the people who are working for the country and they should be told to leave the mud politics and do real service to the people. Opposition leader further emphasised, no matter how much they slander, we will not stop this program of providing buses. He also said that even if he gets the opportunity to occupy the positions rendered by the people who have destroyed the country that he does not deal with such thieves as a matter of policy, so he will work together with the people to build the country.

Also, earlier the people asked their demands from the President, Prime Minister or the government ministers, but now they are presenting their grievances to the opposition leader and the reason for this is that compared to the last 74 years, the present opposition has done a great service by focusing on the grievances of the people. The leader of the opposition said that it is not relevant to the current opposition even though it is said that ‘unuth ekai’ and munuth ekai’

The opposition leader said that in our bankrupt country, exploitation of coal and medicine is still taking place, and these are all fraudulent transactions, and we do not approve of taxing the people while exploiting them.

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