Health Ministry declares Dec. 30, 31 Dengue Prevention Days

Health Ministry announces Dec. 30, 31 as Dengue Prevention Days

The Health Ministry today announced special Dengue Prevention Days for tomorrow (30) and the day after (31).

The Health Services Director General, Dr. Asela Gunawardana, said the announcement was made due to an increase in reporting dengue-positive cases from areas around the country during the past four weeks.

However, 75,434 dengue suspicious case were reported by December 26, 2022. This is more than a two-fold increase in the number of dengue positive cases reported compared with the last year.

It was revealed that there has been a vast increase in the spread of the virus around the country. There is a trend of hospitalizing 200–300 patients a day. The situation seems to be increasing, and the number of positive cases will increase in January, which would be a huge treat for the country.

As revealed by entomological tests, female Aedes mosquito density, which helps spread the virus, is considerably high in certain areas.

Therefore, the Ministry has decided to announce Friday and Saturday as special days for dengue prevention.

The ministry requested the people stay in their homes and engage in cleaning activities in and around their homes. It was also requested to engage in cleaning activities in the places where people used to work.

It is also said that it is mandatory to engage in cleaning activities in schools around the country before starting on January 2 (Monday) with the support of principals, teachers, parents, past-pupil associations, and the people of the area.

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