Harak Kata and Kudu Salindu will be accompanied by 2 STF and 4 CID officers in an African air line to Sri Lanka! Permission requested to question them away from CID premises!

The special police team consisting of the officers of the Criminal Investigation Department and the Police Special Task Force, who have left for Madagascar, are scheduled to return to Sri Lanka today (13) or tomorrow (14) with the Harak kata and kudu Salidu. This four-member police team that left yesterday (11) consists of two Assistant Superintendents of Police, who represent the Criminal Investigation Department and the Police Special Task Force.

The other two officers are Chief Inspectors of the Criminal Investigation Department and the Police Special Task Force.

The Special Task Force team are officers representing a special team of the Special Task Force that investigates underworld criminals.

An officer of the State Intelligence Service was also supposed to be included in this team. But at the last moment he was not included in this journey. Police sources revealed that it was due to a financial problem. This group, which is currently on its way to Madagascar, will bring the beef and powder to Sri Lanka after reaching an understanding with the relevant airline.

Before this, the airlines had posted conditions that three security personnel were required for one criminal. After a long discussion in this regard, one airline company has finally agreed to bring these criminals to Sri Lanka by deploying two security guards for each criminal. It was by an African airline. According to the police information, it has been possible to bring these two criminals to Sri Lanka on the same plane.

After bringing these two criminals to Sri Lanka, the police authorities have decided to conduct a lengthy investigation by obtaining a detention order. It is based on the information that they have been engaged in arms deals with terrorist organizations in connection with drug trafficking. Accordingly, both of them will be detained in the Criminal Investigation Department and investigations will be conducted.

Meanwhile, police information stated that there have been proposals from various parties regarding the investigation of these two criminals outside the Criminal Investigation Department under the supervision of a Deputy Inspector General of Police. Police sources said that the Inspector General of Police has not taken a final decision in this regard and the Inspector General of Police will think deeply about it.

In Madagascar, eight people were arrested with harak kata and kudu Salidu, but two of them have red notices, so only two of them will be handed over to this country. It has now been confirmed that the foreign passports that were found to be in possession of harak kata and kudu Salidu were fake. That has been confirmed by the Madagascar security forces after asking the country. Other suspects include a foreign woman who claims to be Harak Kata’s wife and a man who claims to be her father.

Apart from those two, it has been confirmed that the other 06 arrested are Sri Lankans. Apart from Harak Kata and Kudu Salidu among them, the rest of the four have entered Madagascar with legal foreign passports and they do not have red notices, so they will not be extradited to this country.

It has been clearly identified that the two underworld criminals Panadure Sudda and Tharanga are among those four. Police information also stated that after handing over the drug salindu and Harak Kata to Sri Lanka, the other four will be brought to court by the Madagascar police and deported to Sri Lanka.

Gayan Kumara Weerasinghe

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