Grilled, two underworld drug dealers brought from Madagascar begin to reveal local power brokers, including some police officers.

Police information revealed that the Criminal Investigation Department has given the Police Narcotics Bureau and the Illegal Assets Investigation Division officers the opportunity to question the two strong underworld drug dealers named Harak Kata and Kudu Salindu, who were brought to Sri Lanka from Madagascar, from yesterday (07).

Cattle rustlers and drug lords were arrested in Madagascar on March 1, according to the International Police Red Notice. A special police team that went from Sri Lanka on March 13 took both of them and brought them back to Sri Lanka on March 15. Since then, apart from the officers of the Criminal Investigation Department, none of the investigative units got a chance to question these two criminals, who have been detained under a 90-day detention order under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

During the questioning by the officers of the Criminal Investigation Department, many details about the underworld criminal network of these two criminals as well as their connections have been revealed. The information of the Criminal Investigation Department revealed that they have revealed information about several corrupt officers of the police.

The officers of the Illegal Assets Investigation Division have questioned them regarding the assets of these two criminals. At present, the Illegal Assets Investigation Division has many reports regarding the assets belonging to them. They have been questioned at length about those assets. There they have said that they do not have any assets as their assets have been banned. But apart from the banned assets, investigations have revealed that these two have many other assets at home and abroad.

The officers of the Police Narcotics Bureau have questioned the two of them in connection with the drug network. It has appeared that there are some other strongmen above them. Police information revealed that their drugs were only distributed by Harak Kata and Kudu Salindu and it has not been clearly revealed that they brought drugs to the country in direct contact with Pakistani smugglers.

It is also mentioned that being able to identify those who are above the cattle rustler and the drug lord has been a big help in the future investigations. It is special that some of those five people were already identified by the Narcotics Bureau. Police information disclosed that a secret investigation is still going on regarding them.

Gayan Kumara Weerasinghe

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