Great interest shown by the public to come to Colombo on the 30th. The protest against the government ‘Gahala VAT… the whole country is FLAT…!’ Requests start pouring into SJB HQ! VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

It has been learned that there is a great interest of the party members to participate in the massive agitation campaign to be held in Colombo on the 30th by the Samagi Jana Balawega under the theme of ‘Gahala VAT… the country is FLAT…!’.Sri Lanka Latest News

It has been learned that the organizers of the Sahab constituency have informed the party headquarters about this and have made requests to provide the necessary facilities.

Accordingly, it is reported that the party has already decided to provide related facilities.

It has been learned that the Samagi Jana Balawegaya has decided to continue the anti-government struggle that will be started under the leadership of opposition leader Mr Sajith Premadasa until an election.

This campaign is going to be held based on many issues such as raising taxes, raising the prices of essential goods, selling off profit-making government institutions, fraud, corruption, etc., which oppress the people.

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