Government Funds Lavishly Spent on Ruler’s Celebrations as Tragedy Strikes: Young Girl in Badulla Succumbs to not being able to pay Tuition fee! Sri Lanka Latest News

Tragic Suicide of 16-Year-Old Student in Badulla Highlights Financial Struggles: Ayesha Parveen, Set to Take GCE Exam, Succumbs to Desperation Over Tuition Fees

A heartbreaking incident has been reported from the Badulla area, where 16-year-old Ayesha Parveen took her own life due to the financial hardships faced by her family. Ayesha, the eldest child in a financially distressed household residing in Puwakgodamulla, Badulla, was scheduled to appear for the GCE examination.

The dire economic situation of her family, exacerbated by her father’s lack of a stable job, left Ayesha unable to pursue her studies effectively. Despite her aspirations to attend mathematics tutoring classes, her mother, grappling with severe financial constraints, regretfully informed Ayesha that they could not afford such expenses.

Devastated by the realization that her dreams were unattainable due to her family’s economic background, Ayesha resorted to a tragic decision. In a desperate act, she consumed medicine that had been prescribed to her grandmother in the privacy of the bathroom. Her family rushed her to Badulla General Hospital immediately, but, unfortunately, medical efforts were unable to save her life.

This heartbreaking incident sheds light on the urgent need for support systems and resources to address the financial struggles that impact the education and well-being of vulnerable individuals in our society.

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