GMOA will keep a close eye on the mastermind behind the fake immunoglobulin scandal until the law is implemented I Sri Lanka Latest News

Dr. Haritha Aluthage, secretary of the union, has said that the Government Medical Officers’ Association will keep a close watch until the law is implemented regarding the mastermind Q, who was mentioned in the court regarding the immunoglobulin fraud and is in the cabinet. (Sri Lanka Latest News)

He says that it has become a problem whether it is possible to solve this problem by taking the officials to the Dangedi in connection with this fraud.

Dr. Haritha Aluthage, Secretary of the Union, says that several officers including the Secretary of the Ministry of Health, a Deputy Director of Health Services, and a Director have been arrested.

According to the matters disclosed by the health secretary in the court and the matters disclosed by social media, at a time when the political authority is pointing fingers, it is not possible to find a solution to this problem by recording their statements and hiding them under the carpet.

The Association of Government Medical Officers emphasizes that all those involved in immunoglobulin fraud should be given the maximum possible punishment regardless of their status and only then this country will be able to move in the right direction.

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