Ganiya Bannister in Swiss Embassy case objects to charges in writing.

Swiss Embassy employee Ganiya Bannister Francis who is facing criminal charges before Colombo High Court for allegedly making a false claim that she has been abducted and sexually harassed today filed written objections challenging the maintainability of the charges.

Ganiya Bannister has been accused of giving false information to embarrass the Sri Lankan Government and fabricating evidence in her abduction claim.

The Attorney General had filed indictment against Ganiya Bannister Francis for fabricating false evidence to effect that on or around 25th of November 2019, five persons in a white vehicle abducted her in the Cinnamon Gardens area in Colombo, threatened her with a firearm, detained her for several hours and questioned about CID former Inspector Nishantha Silva who had fled the country.

President’s Counsel Kalinga Indatissa, appearing on behalf of the accused, raised preliminary objections challenging the maintainability of the charges filed under Sections 189 and 190 of the Penal Code.  
High Court Judge Namal Balalle fixed the case to be taken up for hearing on January 11. The Attorney General was directed to file his reply in written format on next hearing date.

(Curtesy Daily Mirror)

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