Former SJB Galle district MP faces death threats

According to the Nagoda Police, a person came to the house of Bandula Lal Bandarigoda, a former Member of Parliament of Galle District and the main organizer of Baddegama Constituency of Samagi Jana Balawega, early today (21) and scolded and threaten threatened him with death.

It is stated in the complaint made by the former MP to the police that while the former MP was sweeping the yard in the morning, a person wearing a turban heard a road, and then he threatened to kill him not to struggle too much.
I make it a habit to wake up around 4 am, sweep the yard and perform religious activities. This morning, a man with a beard and hair, wearing a turban, came to my house. He said that he came to ask for dierction to a address. I asked where. He threatened me not to fight with him too much. The motorcycle was stopped on the road. With that he ran away…’

Nagoda Police is investigating the incident.


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