For the first time, Dimbulagala Aranya Senasana’s electricity was cut off due to nonpayment of bills.

The Electricity Board has taken steps to cut off electricity at Dimbulagala Aranya Senasana for the first time in history due to non-payment of electricity bills.

It is reported that about two hundred Bhikkus living there are suffering greatly as a result of this.

The late President Ranasinghe Premadasa provided electricity for the first time to Dimbulagala Aranya Senasana.

Since then, every government has taken steps to provide free electricity to this Senasana.

Since that day, steps have been taken to provide water and electricity in order to recognise Kitalagama Sri Seelalankara Thero’s social and cultural work in Dimbulagala.

However, it has been reported that there is an outstanding electricity bill of approximately Rs. 5 lakh that must be paid.

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