Dubai Nightclub Bloodshed: 13 Arrested as Kosgoda Suji’s Gang Turns on Itself! Tangalle Killing Suspects, Including Busse Harsha, Nabbed by Police! Sri Lanka Latest News

Uragaha Michael and Bousse Harsha, who supported the killing of five people in Beliatta, and two people who are suspected of having carried out the shooting have been arrested in Dubai by the local police. Sri Lanka Latest News

It was during a conflict in a nightclub in Dubai.

It is reported that 13 Sri Lankans have been arrested there.

It is said that all the 13 people who were arrested are close relatives of Kosgoda Sujee, who is suspected of having led the killing of the five people in Beliatta.

It has further been revealed that Kosgoda Sujee is currently trying to rescue the group.

However, the state of Dubai has not yet officially notified the government of Lakh regarding this arrest.

It is reported that the security forces of the two countries are discussing the next steps to bring the suspects to Sri Lanka.

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