Doing business is hard! Shafter’s wife asks the court for a SIM card on Shafter’s phone number! VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

Colombo Additional Magistrate Harshana Kekunuwela stated that the request regarding the handover of the mobile phone sim card of the slain businessman Dinesh Shafter to his wife will be considered after receiving the government’s expert report.

The magistrate said this while explaining the facts regarding the request of Mr Dinesh Shafter’s wife to issue an order for her to get a new sim card showing the phone number used before her husband was killed.

The former Magistrate considered a request made by the Criminal Investigation Department to the court to reject the request of Mr Dinesh Shafter that the investigation into the murder of Mr Dinesh Shafter is going on and that by giving his wife a new SIM card showing the phone number he used before he was killed, the investigations may be hindered. She issued an order rejecting the request.

Although the request to issue the SIM card was rejected, the lawyer who made a request again told the court that the phone number had become essential for business activities.

The Criminal Investigation Department stated that the mobile phone of the deceased has been forwarded to the government inspector.

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