Dinesh Shafter murder case: Irresponsible media has impeded investigations and misled society- Police

According to Criminal Investigation Department sources, the incident of killing the chairman of Janashakti Group, Mr. Dinesh Shafter, remains a mystery, and the news published in some media and social networking sites is completely false, with no accurate information received so far.

According to the sources, irresponsible news published by certain media has greatly hampered investigative activities and created a false impression in society.

In response to an inquiry about media reports that Mr. Dinesh Shafter had committed suicide, a senior police officer stated that no evidence of this had been received.

According to the senior officer, some media create and spread news, which is a very dangerous situation.

The senior official also stated that reports that Mr. Shafter discovered a letter written to his mother were false, as were reports that a piece of wire similar to the one used to strangle Mr. Shafter was discovered in the house.

As of yesterday (28th), the Criminal Investigation Department, which is investigating Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s murder, had interrogated and recorded the statements of 90 people.

The Criminal Investigation Department is investigating whether organised groups are spreading false information about this mysterious murder.

Meantime yesterday IGP had a meeting with the investigating officers which lasted about two hours.

This meeting was attended by a group of police officers, including the Deputy Inspector General of CID.

The Inspector General of Police has issued numerous directives to the secret police team in order to overcome the difficulty in obtaining specific information about this murder.

Aside from that, the Inspector General of Police took steps to further investigate the security camera system that showed how Mr. Dinesh Shafter was driving his vehicle.

The police team’s investigations have now been implemented in a new way to uncover the root cause of this mysterious murder.

Aside from that, a variety of strategies have been employed. According to the police, the murderers will never be let off the hook.

Hemantha Randunu, Norman Palihavadana – Divaina

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