Diana is a British citizen! non-Sri Lankan! Diplomatic passports cannot be provided! Immigration controller transferred after writing this refusal? (PHOTO & VIDEO)

Mr. Sarath Rupasiri, Controller General of Immigration and Emigration, issued a letter on December 15, 2021, which was read in parliament yesterday by Mr. Mujibar Rahman, Member of Parliament, and stated that Mr. U.V. Sarath Rupasiri mentioned that Ms. Diana Gamage is a British citizen, she does not have Sri Lankan citizenship, and thus she cannot be issued a diplomatic passport.

According to that letter, the Criminal Investigation Department has informed the Immigration and Emigration Department about these matters and Mr. Rupasiri has also sent a letter to the Ministry of Defense asking for further instructions in this regard.

Below is the letter.

The speech made by MP Mujibur Rahman in Parliament revealing the facts in this regard!

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