Derana Chairman Dilith reveals the Kelaniya cobra that made Gota president! Cobra white or black ? story is a excellent voice cut! Here’s the story (VIDEO)

A few days before the last presidential election, a news of a Nagaraja from Nagaloka with a congratulatory message suddenly appeared in the Derana news broadcast.

There, the leader of the Kelaniya Raja Mahavihara also said that a sound came from the ‘Dongg’ Kelani river side, and when he looked later, he could see how a king Cobra had come from Nagaloka.

In this regard, after the presidential election, various statements were issued by various parties, but no statement was issued by the Derana Media Network.

However, the Chairman of Derana Media Network, Mr. Dilith Jayaweera, who came to the press conference the other day, took steps to express his opinion on this matter for the first time.

This is his opinion about it.

If you look at Derana’s story when the ratings went up!

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