COVID-19 Adds Charm & Beauty to People’s Faces

You may have frequently forgotten about the pandemic and started worrying about what you would look like while wearing a face mask as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic’s recent suffocating restrictions on us, which range from a complete prohibition to the requirement to wear face masks.

However, it actually looked radically different because a lot of people’s appearances were improved by these masks. Unable to believe it Well, read this article to become persuaded.

People Perception and COVID-19

43 women judged the attractiveness of each man’s face in four different situations: without a mask, while wearing a cloth mask, while wearing a blue medical face mask, and while holding a black book covering the area a face mask will conceal. The study was conducted by a team of researchers from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom and involved 40 men.

The women scored the users’ attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10, and the findings showed that most people wearing blue medical masks appear more appealing!

Right before the outbreak

Is psychology involved? Yes! In contrast to the time before the epidemic, when it was believed that masks make people think about illness and the wearer should be avoided, we now feel safer, more protected, and automatically more positive toward the wearer when we see such masks. This is because in our minds, blue medical masks were associated with doctors and workers in the medical sector.

Additionally, it seems to us that the problem is real and has something to do with attractiveness and beauty rather than just being psychological. How? These masks have the power to conceal undesirable facial features in the lower third of the face, making the wearer appear more attractive and beautiful. So always remember to show off how awesome your mask is.

(curtesy MSN)

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