Courtroom Drama Unfolds in Narammala: Police Officer’s Fatal Shooting Raises Eyebrows, Vigilante Pursuit Emerges in Search for Social Media Whistleblower! VIDEO: Sri Lanka Latest News

It was revealed in the Narammala Magistrate’s Court that the video footage of the carpenter who was shot dead by a police officer in Narammala was released on social media for the first time.

A person who came on a motorcycle claimed to be from some organization and told the employees of the vegetable store at the place where the carpenter was killed (on February 01) that a cash reward would be given if the videos of the incident were first released on social media and the identity of the person revealed.

The employees of the vegetable store testified before the Narammala Magistrate’s Court for the second day and said this before the Magistrate’s inquiry into the shooting incident.

A witness also stated that he said he would return and then left.

Accordingly, the police informed the court that an investigation would be conducted.

Source: -BBC Sinhala

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