COPF to summon CBSL over pay hike

The relevant officials of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) are to be summoned before the Parliamentary Committee on Public Finance (COPF) to inquire about the increase in its (CBSL) employees` salaries as soon as COPF Chairperson Dr Harsha de Silva, who is currently overseas, returns to the country.

State Minister of Finance Shehan Semasinghe recently suggested that the relevant CBSL officials be summoned before the COPF for clarifications about the recent increase in the CBSL staff salaries.

Speaking to The Daily Morning yesterday (27), COPF member and Government Parliamentarian, attorney Madura Withanage said that they (COPF members) are highly concerned about the matter. 

“What they (CBSL) say is that the salaries had to be increased to prevent their professionals from leaving the country. It is not acceptable as many other categories of professionals are also leaving the country. Did the CBSL suggest a salary hike for them as well?” 

He also said that there is a serious issue about the CBSL’s contribution to the economy over the past. “The CBSL is asking the Government to allow them to work independently. This is what happens when they are allowed to do so. Even without informing the Parliament, the fiscal administrator in the country, they have increased salaries at large rates. This is unfair. We all are of the view that they should be summoned before the COPF. It will happen when Dr. de Silva returns to the country,” he said.

Dr. de Silva was not available for comment.

It was recently reported that the CBSL had increased the salaries of its employees by 70%, and the move was heavily criticised by both Government and Opposition MPs, professionals, and several other parties.

Source: the daily morning

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