CID reveals unimaginable things about many individuals! Thilini Priyamala’s shocking videos exposed many frauds.

Thilini Priyamali, who has been accused of defrauding many unknown millionaires in Sri Lanka of a financial fraud amounting to billions of rupees, has been closely associated with businessmen, politicians, artists, police chiefs, and other influential members of society. The police headquarters revealed the information uncovered during the department’s investigations.

When asked about it, a high-ranking police officer said, “C.I.D. said information is unearthed about many unimaginable people.” The police said that this information was found when the contents of her cell phone and other computer devices were looked at and analyzed. The investigation discovered that she had recorded these things so that when she needed help from them, she could blackmail them and get what she wanted.

Gayan Kumara weerasinghe

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