Central Environmental Authority chief is a suspected polluter?

It is reported that the authorities have appoint a person who has been seriously accused of damaging the environment to a high position in the Central Environment Authority.

It is said that this person has previously worked in a high position related to the port, where he has been heavily accused of releasing oil into the ocean.

It has been learned that the authorities have confirmed it during an investigation by the Marine Environment Protection Authority and taken legal action against him.

However, due to some political influence, the investigations have been hampered and it is said that steps have been taken to appoint this person to a higher position in the Central Environment Authority.

According to this, the employees of the Central Environment Authority are questioning whether it is possible to protect the environment by appointing a person who has been accused of destroying the environment while in an institution related to the port to a high position in an organization that protects the environment like the Central Environment Authority.

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