Both attorneys are engaged in a contentious discussion regarding Diana’s passport case! The magistrate decides to write to the  attorney general!

There was a heated exchange of words between the lawyers of the two sides when the complaint filed today (02) calling for an investigation regarding the passport of State Minister Mrs. Diana Gamage.

Then Colombo Chief Magistrate Mr. Prasanna Alvis has ordered to adjourn the case.

When the complaint was called today, the magistrate arrived at the decision after a heated exchange of words between lawyers including President’s lawyer Mr. Savindra Fernando, who stood for the rights of Mrs. Diana Gamage, and lawyer Gunaratne Vanninayake, who appeared for the aggrieved parties.

Meanwhile, Colombo Chief Magistrate Mr. Prasanna Alwis today ordered the Criminal Investigation Department to submit to the court on the 23rd of this month the copies of all the statements recorded so far in relation to the investigations regarding the citizenship and passport of State Minister Diana Gamage.

The Chief Magistrate stated that he decided to seek the assistance of the Attorney General for the case and said that he would send a letter to the Attorney General.

The Magistrate said in the open court that many problems related to the case will be solved by getting the support of the Attorney General.

Then the complaint was ordered to be called on the 23rd.

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