Bills unpaid Magazine prisons lose power

The electricity in the Colombo Magazine Prison has been turned off due of unpaid bills.

According to the prison department, arrears of 15 lakh rupees must be paid in regard to the previous year.

The Ministry of Finance should supply money for bills and other expenses, and the prison department indicated that the money has not yet been received owing to the current economic crisis.

In light of the current circumstances, the magazine has turned off the electricity in the prison, despite having requested another grace period from the Ceylon Electricity Board to pay the arrears.

Today, there are 1,600 suspects in the Magazine Prison. Among them are the major suspects in a variety of significant crimes, as well as LTTE recruiters.

Due to the power loss, the generator requires 15 litres of diesel every hour to run.

The prison department also said that the power outage poses a threat to the prison’s security.

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