Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith Urges Liberation from Oppressive Leadership in Sri Lanka

In a powerful statement delivered during a special Independence Day service at the ‘Panchi Borella’ All Saints’ Church, His Excellency Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith declared that the time has arrived to emancipate the nation from its current oppressive leadership and advocate for the appointment of a new, rightful leader.

Expressing deep concern about the deteriorating political and economic state of the country, Archbishop Ranjith posed critical questions about the essence of the freedom being celebrated. He questioned whether it was the freedom of rulers or the freedom of the people, highlighting the apparent disparity in the nation’s current situation.

“The country has fallen politically and economically. Ask the leaders whose freedom is being celebrated. Freedom of rulers? Freedom of the people? Is it freedom to bring in representatives from abroad and humiliate the starving people in front of the elites of the country? Our beautiful motherland is unfortunate. The country should be freed from the oppressive regime. A right leader should be appointed to the country,” asserted Cardinal Ranjith, emphasizing the urgent need for a transformative and just leadership for Sri Lanka.

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