Another businessman who lost Rs 75 cores to Priyamali filed a CID complaint.

A businessman who lost 75 crore rupees to Thilini Priyamali, who engaged in a large-scale financial fraud while running his office on the 34th floor of the Colombo Fort World Trade Center, has submitted a complaint to the Criminal Investigation Department yesterday (13).

The Criminal Investigation Department states that the businessman, who is a PhD holder, has business dealings with Malaysia.

The information of the Criminal Investigation Department revealed that this businessman is revealing a lot of important information and further investigations will be conducted accordingly.

It is also said that Thilini Priyamali has even tried to blackmail this businessman using a popular actress in this country.

The sources revealed that they are preparing to take legal action against several actresses who have blackmailed businessmen as Thilini Priyamali’s contracts.

The Criminal Investigation Department stated that she did not commit this fraud alone and that clear information about another person who was involved in this fraud with her is being revealed from the complaints received so far. Police information revealed that the Criminal Investigation Department is ready to arrest a person who was close to a powerful minister in the government before 2015. It is also stated that the Criminal Investigation Department has taken statements from this person, who also appeared as her husband on several occasions.

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