Alleged foul play in SLC elections using ministerial powers! Will SLC suffer the same fate as SL football?

It has been learned that a complaint has been submitted to the higher political authority that some people are working to cancel certain nominations by using the powers of the Sports Minister in the cricket election.

This complaint has shown that due to the decision given by the Court of Appeal against the new regulations imposed by the Minister of Sports, there are some people behind this who planned to reach the Executive Committee by other means.

It is also known that this group has not been nominated for the official election.

Accordingly, this group is using the minister’s powers to try to cancel certain nominations in the official election, and by proceeding to start a new investigation based on the objections to the nominations submitted during the selection of the official body for the 2021/2023 term to the appeal advisory committee appointed by the sports minister. It is reported that this effort has been launched.

According to it, it is reported that arrangements have already been made to conduct investigations for the objections of certain nominations through the Secretary of the Appeal Advisory Committee.

However, many people are of the opinion that conducting investigations related to the election at a time when the period of an official election is ending according to the rules is a very ridiculous and stupid act.

However, it is also known that if the official election of the Sri Lanka Cricket Institute is not carried out in a proper manner, it is inevitable that the Sri Lanka Cricket Institute will be banned by the International Cricket Federation just like what happened to football.

However, it has already been decided to take action if the sports minister intervenes to undermine the activities of the cricket official election due to political interference.

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