All local government bodies that have postponed elections have been directed to a committee chaired by Dinesh! Provincial Council to a Vajira-led committee! Ranil makes the decision!

The President has appointed a committee to look into the affairs of the local government bodies which are currently under bureaucratic control.

The committee chaired by the Prime Minister includes the Minister of State for Local Government and Provincial Councils Mr. Janaka Wakkambura, Minister of State for Finance Ranjith Siambalapitiya, provincial governors and chairpersons of district coordination committees.

State Minister Mr. Janaka Wakkambura mentioned that the necessary guidance to carry out all the tasks that must be done by the local government bodies for the people will be done through this committee.

Meanwhile, he also stated that a committee headed by Member of Parliament Mr. Vajira Abeywardena has been appointed to look into the affairs of the provincial councils currently under the control of the governors.

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