All 3 bus stands of Fort will be brought near the railway station to beautify Colombo! Those 3 lands will be developed with the private sector! PHOTO I Sri Lanka Latest News

A progress review of the implementation of the Colombo City Beautification Plan and the Beira Lake Development Project was held yesterday (04) at the President’s Office. Sri Lanka Latest News

The current progress of the project to prevent sewage diverted to Beira Lake and reduce the percentage of bacteria and algae in the lake, as well as the development of the identified pieces of land that can be developed and used for public activities related to the Beira Lake with the participation of the private sector, was also examined.

Also, the central bus station is located at 03 places, located next to the Fort railway station and developing the land where the bus station currently stands for commercial purposes together with the private sector, removing unsafe trees in Colombo city and replanting suitable trees in their place, leaving Colombo city It was also discussed at length regarding the preparation of a suitable program for identifying and maintaining the abandoned buildings, the preparation of a regulatory plan related to the running of vehicles, picking up and stopping of passengers, and the progress of the ongoing projects to regulate the drainage of rainwater.

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