AG’s opinion received but cannot reveal, EC scheming election postponement!

Chairman of the Election Commission Mr. Nimal Punchihewa has said that he has received the instructions requested from the Attorney General regarding the holding of the local government elections.

With the passage of the 21st constitutional amendment, all independent commissions will be abolished and in such a situation, the question arose as to whether the Election Commission has the power to declare an election and the Election Commission had sought the advice of the Attorney General in this regard.

However, The Morning newspaper reports that the Chairman of the Election Commission has said that the advice received from the Attorney General cannot be revealed under any circumstances.

The chairman has said that even if the request is made under the Freedom of Information Act, the information cannot be provided.

The fact that the Election Commission requested the advice of the Attorney General about the possibility of holding the election had led to opposition from many parties.

Professor G.L. Mr. Peiris, the Paffrel organization said that the Election Commission does not need the advice of the Attorney General to make a decision regarding the conduct of the election.

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