A weird image appears while scanning Shafter’s CCTV! CID investigations change!

The Criminal Investigation Department has decided to send video footage of Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s route to the Borella Kanatha for expert analysis. The reason for this is that the Mr. Dinesh Shafter murder investigation had to rely heavily on this piece of evidence because no other evidence could be established that could pave the way for a breakthrough.

According to police information, the Criminal Investigation Department intends to clear the air by obtaining scientific evidence, as certain suspicious activities recorded in one of the security cameras via a close-up photograph remain a mystery.

Despite differing perspectives on Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s mysterious murder, the Criminal Investigation Department has yet to solve the case. According to a senior police official, additional investigation will be conducted by analysing the available evidence. Officials from the Fingerprint Bureau discovered 11 or so fingerprints in Dinesh Shafter’s car. The fingerprints have been analysed, and a report has been provided to the Criminal Investigation Department.

According to police records, among them were the fingerprints of the cemetery worker and his assistant who transported Mr. Dinesh Shafter to the hospital after he was a victim of the crime. Further investigations, including telephone network analysis, are on-going, according to internal information from the Criminal Investigation Department. In this regard, the Criminal Investigation Department is also concentrating on appearing in court on the next scheduled date.

Gayan Kumara Weerasinghe

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