A serious statement was made by the opposition leader regarding the Easter attack. Both Gota and Ranil have been accused of the same offence! Here is the statement! VIDEO & PHOTOS I Sri Lanka Latest News

At a time when the people of the country are demanding a change in the system, the aim of the opposition is to find the absolute truth without politicizing the Easter attack and the situation arising from it, and as the leader of the opposition does not know the correct facts in this regard, the opposition demands impartiality in this regard. The opposition leader said that an investigation should be conducted. Sri Lanka Latest News

The opposition leader said that hiding the truth means that it is a conspiracy of people with blood on their hands and that the government has not taken any action regarding the attack so far, since the truth has only been hidden, the absolute truth should be uncovered regardless of political gains. Mr. Sajith Premadasa said.

The opposition leader said this today (18) when the executive council of the opposition met.

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, in his presidential and general election mandate, said that he would find the root cause of the Easter attack and punish all those involved in it, even though he received a mandate of 69 lakh people, but he did not find the truth, many officers of the Criminal Investigation Department who investigated this terrorist act were dismissed from those activities. The opposition leader said that when looking at the various activities that have taken place in the past, it appears that rather than seeking the truth, the truth has been hidden and because of this, President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has neglected the responsibility of finding the truth.

Also, the current government and the President are following President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in hiding the truth of the Easter attack and as the leader of the opposition, he wants an honest and impartial local investigation, but looking at the events of the past, he does not have much faith in the local investigations. In such a situation, an international investigation The opposition leader said that he should go.

The opposition leader added that although only the first copy of the presidential commission report on the Easter attack was released, the second and third copies at least to the members of parliament or the leader of the opposition are prohibited from being consulted and even the privileges of the members are being violated in giving the opportunity to observe it only under the supervision of the secretary general of the parliament.

The opposition leader also said that the Catholic people affected by this attack and the Cardinal have expressed displeasure with the new committee to be appointed by the government to look into the Channel 4 video related to the Easter attack and that the establishment of new committees is a cover-up of the truth.

Also, the extremists of all religions and races in this country are responsible for this kind of attack and because of these extremists, the national security of this country has been lost until the truth of this attack is not found, it will also have a severe impact on the national security. The opposition leader further emphasized that the truth should be revealed to distance it.

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