A loss-making corporation pays out billions in bonuses! Consumers are now burdened by an increase in fuel taxes of at least 25 rupees.

The government has raised fuel production taxes by 25 rupees per litre, raising fuel prices by at least 25 rupees.

A senior Petroleum Corporation official said that the excise charge of 27 rupees for a litre of octane 92 and 95 petrol has climbed to 52 rupees, while the tax for other petrol has increased to 52 rupees.

The production tax of 6 rupees per litre of ordinary diesel has been raised to 31 rupees, that of 13 rupees per litre of super diesel to 38 rupees, and that of 13 rupees for all other fuels to 38 rupees. The official said it was raised.

In a report that excludes debt, the Petroleum Corporation rewarded staff two months’ wages as bonuses, proving its profitability. Some officials earn 5 lakhs and 1 million in bonuses. It employs 4200.

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