A mob terrorising Ampitiya burned a youngster who scored nine “A”s on the GCE ordinary level exam this year.

A gang member terrorising the Ampitiya area set fire to a student residing in the Ampitiya area who passed the GCE ordinary level examination this year with nine “A” passes, and the student is currently receiving treatment at the Kandy National Hospital for serious burn injuries.

This thug dragged the student and poured kerosene oil on him before setting fire to him. The victim of the crime is a student at Ampitiya’s St. Benedict’s School. According to hospital sources, his condition is critical.

After the results were released, the student, who lives in Pallegama, Ampitiya, Kandy, returned with his father last night (26th) to inform his grandmother of his excellent results.
However, the student’s father told police that he was unable to identify the person who started the fire.

The student was completely burned from the neck down and had surgery this morning (28).

It was a unique case in which none of the student’s family members said anything about the crime when they went to investigate it.

However, it was revealed during discussions with local residents that the thug who committed this crime is well known in the area, and threats have been made to destroy the entire family if the crime is revealed.

Local residents also claimed that members of the gangsters terrorising the Ampitiya area committed such inhumane acts, but the police took no formal action.

Traffickers and users of various drugs, including heroin and ganja, have been terrorising and extorting money from the people of Ampitiya and surrounding areas for some time, but when local residents who said they had to remain silent for the sake of their lives gave information to the police, some officers revealed the identity of the people who had given the information to the criminals, so no one was involved in these gangs. They stated that they will not take any action against it.
When asked about this, Kandy Division Senior Superintendent of Police Chamil Ratnayake stated that the perpetrator of the crime had been identified and that three police teams had been dispatched to arrest him.

According to the Kandy Senior Superintendent of Police, information has been received that the suspect in this incident was involved in a previous incident in which a person was nailed to a cross in the Ampitiya area.

According to the Superintendent of Police, the suspected criminal has fled the area, but he will be apprehended as soon as possible with all available force.

source :lankasara

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