A message from DIG of Police! Drugs have infiltrated schools! Be watchful of your child’s classmates,friends and movements! 

“Drugs can enter schools in different ways like drugged toffee, drugged chocolate, drugged lollipops and tablets. This is why it is very important that parents are constantly informed about this and the consequences of using them….” said Ms. Renuka Jayasundara, Director of Police Children and Women’s Bureau.

The DIG said that it is very important for parents to keep an eye on their school-going children.

“We cannot stop the various challenges in the society at once. Drugs have entered the schools in various ways such as toffee, chocolate and tablets. As parents, inform your children about this. Tell about their etc. Trust the child and find out about him so that he does not become distrustful.

When the child goes to school, who are the friends they hang out with when they go to class, who are the friends they hang out with in Sunday school, what they do when they go to school, you should always be aware of these things.

If parents take care of their children, children will not get addicted to drugs. Therefore, no matter how busy they are, parents should take care of their children.

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